Saturday, December 25, 2004

Gee Whiz, I Love Christmas

I have to say that Die Hard is probably my favorite Christmas movie. That's not really the point of this post, as this post really has no point; I'm just at my sister's place right now, watching my nephew make a movie with his Spider-Man camera, a film which involves Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus being flung together at high speeds by his hands. It's not exactly Harryhausen, but what's a kid gonna do? He's now talking to me about making a matte painting of a building, although he has no idea what a matte is, and he's going to be using crayons, but the concept is there.

I might add that Christmas dinner at my sister's place was pizza. I hate pizza.

I got boots for Christmas; boots that are about a size or a size and a half too small. That is what I got, in its entirety. That's not entirely true, since I bought a GeForce FX 5500 yesterday, but then checked the specs out on the internet prior to opening it, and finding out that the card is a piece of garbage, which will be going back to its point of origin tomorrow. I'm considering picking up a 6800 next week, which ought to take me through for a while, at least until I move up to getting a PCI-X chipset.

World of Warcraft has taken over the non-work part of my life. I'm playing on my friend's account, since I don't have broadband, and I lack any desire to download patches of thirty-plus megs in size, but I've managed to play for about seventy-five hours in the last several weeks, and have gotten my Troll Shaman up to level 25, complete with over 150 points in Leatherworking, which makes me just short of being able to make those Night Elves the gimp-suits they've been wanting so badly.

In any case, that was my Christmas, which rated about on par with my birthday for being a giant, steaming load of crap. Pity the restaurants aren't even open for me to go get something to eat.

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Jaws 2 is NOT a Classic

Jaws 2 is on AMC right now, the mere fact of which just baffles the shit out of me. After all, the name of the station is an acronym for "American Movie Classics," and we all know that the word classic and the film Jaws 2 cannot be used in the same sentence together, unless you're talking about how very non-classic the film happens to be. This is the same station that was, just a couple of hours ago, running Jaws: The Revenge; the film that caused Michael Caine to miss out on accepting his Oscar for Hannah and Her Sisters.

Anyway. World of Warcraft is down right now, or at least the login servers are fucked up. Fubar (see sidebar) is running slower than Sammy Sosa on a muddy basepath, and I'm got bored with the otherwise spectacular remake of Sid Meier's Pirates! I'm really not that excited about the game; the exclamation point is part of the title.

The link about the ever-expanding product lines at Tarzhay in the previous post originally pointed to an item without description that was merely titled "Marijuana," and cost something like thirty-five dollars. Not surprisingly, the company either moved the product or simply took it off out of the catalog. Personally, I would have started bundling it with Doritos and Twinkies, but the company doesn't listen to me.

Last night I bought I, Robot on DVD, and recommend the movie to just about everyone. Unfortunately, I fell asleep about twenty minutes into watching the DVD, and haven't yet had a chance to get around to doing so. It's lean on extras, though, which pisses me off. The only trailer on the disc isn't even for I, Robot; it's for Arrested Development. Now, I can understand how Fox wants to get behind this series, because it's the smartest comedy they've got, but it's just insulting to include a trailer for a fucking television show and not include the trailer for the movie I'm watching. Bastards.

We've got two links of the day today; one I'm posting because I just thought of it and still think it's funny every time I watch it, and the other was sent to me courtesy of Fubar's jimthej00.
  • Mack Daddy Mario 3 - This is a great Flash animation that's a couple of years old, but never gets tired. Broadband connection is recommended, as it is with most things these days.
  • New Signature-Model iPods - In response to U2's well-received signature iPod, many other musical artists have jumped in with Apple and are now offering their own signature models of iPod. Now that I think about it, I think that the Tarzhay marijuana from the last post should have been bundled with Snoop Dogg's iPod.
Well, that's all. It's time to see if the World of Warcraft login servers are back up and running. If not, then I'm just going to have to hit ebaumsworld and look at stupid videos there for a while.

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