Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tonight and the Rest of My Life

So anyway, it was karaoke night, and I'm tremendously drunk; so drunk, I might add, that I was surfing iTunes for something to listen to while I go to sleep, and I came across some startling knowledge of such paramount importance that I thought you all have to know. Yes, both of you have to know:

The new Nina Gordon album comes out on the 8th. Yes!!! After six years, I've finally got the new Nina Gordon album I've been waiting for; Bob Rock production and everything. Oh, sure, you can slag Bob Rock all you want for being just a producer for Metallica and Motley Crue and the like, but you probably didn't read his little credit in the liner notes for Tonight and the Rest of My Life, did you? No, certainly not. I will accept your apology, as I did about seven years ago when I was saying, "No, seriously, Belinda Carlisle's gotta still be hot," and then she posed for Playboy. I was right then, and I'm right now.Link

In the event that you didn't pick up on my hint to go dig up Nina's cover of "Straight Outta Compton," I'm sorry, because I don't know what to tell you, because I'm not sure that I could find it at this point. However, four tracks off of her new album are up over at her site on Myspace, which I will link to, despite the fact that I believe Myspace is a cancer and reminds me entirely too much of a high school hallway, completely bereft of information; merely full of comments like, "Hey, man, what's up!" "How ya doin', man!" "Didn't see you at the bar last night!" "I'll be at the bar next week!" And so on.

But I digress.

I reckon you should go listen to at least one of the songs over at Nina Gordon's Myspace ... um, space, because my taste in music is impeccable. Well, maybe not so much, as I'm still reeling from that Black 47 incident about fifteen or so years ago. But seriously, this shit's good. Go listen, then go buy it on the 8th. And buy me one, too. And, should you buy me one, and someone else has already bought me one, then give mine to someone in need; preferably someone with poor musical taste, who has been buying CD's by people who won the American Idol competition or some shit like that.

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