Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I don't imagine that I'm going to be seeing any new movies anytime soon, let alone picking up X2 on Tuesday, because the Apollo's district manager saw fit to fire me today. Yes, she drove all the way out just to fire me. Apparently, I'm an example to everyone else. "Don't fuck up like this guy, or you're gone, too!"

But, then again, I was planning on taking a sabbatical, and I was going to need to cut back my schedule for going back to school in the spring. So I guess it's all okay.

So, here's the thing. I'm feeling kind of down about all of this (even though I'm laughing my ass off listening to a comedy channel on iTunes radio), and so it'll be a lot easier for me to get back to writing my script, which essentially requires that I be depressed, because the dialogue and such comes out like crap when I'm not. It's like they say, "Happy piano players play the circus." In the end, though, the script's going to get done, and there's about a billion-to-one odds that absolutely none of you are going to ever get to read it.

In cleaning out my car, I found a couple of documents I thought I'd lost that I was going to use for writing a script that I like to call 3,000 Miles To Disneyland. That's the kind of script I'd write if I was given a lot of spare time, some financial security and wasn't more than a little bit pissed off. But, that's not the script that I'm writing right now, because -of those three- all I've really got is a lot of spare time.

Anyway, I've always thought that my life would make a good sitcom, where every job I've ever held would work well as a season on a sitcom. Every season has an ending, though.

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