Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Another Throwaway Post From The Depths

I'm in the college computer-lab right now, catching up on my reading, and making a couple of comments to the Games section of Slashdot, the latest of which is a potential remedy to the evil that is sniping in multiplayer first-person shooters. Yes, I have become a Slashdot Karma-Whore. And, since it's been something like a week and a half since I've put anything on here, I suppose I'll do that now.

As much as I don't like to write about myself on this page, as it's generally intended for me to rant about things like movies and music, I feel the need to talk about my Health And Wellness teacher, because it's the one class I'm taking right now that I don't totally enjoy. In fact, I can't stand the class, and this is after one session. The guy lectures in such a way as to pace up and down the rows of the classroom, which is why the guy reminds me a lot of the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket. I imagine that he's probably in his office right now, chanting, eating tofu and doing yoga all at once, which is to say that he's probably eating with his feet. And, from the way he came off the first day of class, he's probably going to start off the next session saying, "I saw some of you outside smoking this morning! If I see you smoking cigarettes again, I will gouge out your eyeballs and skull-fuck you!" I shit you not, the guy is totally fucking nuts.

I've been indoctrinated into three organizations in a twenty-four hour period at college. Having sporadically attended for the last seven years, quite a number of the faculty know me, including a philosophy professor whose class I never took, but he still managed to flag me down in the hallway and bum a cigarette off of me. In any case, I've been roped into the school's "Film Society," which is apparently finally getting the go-ahead, and could finally get me back to being the Film Nazi I was back in my old video-rental days. And then there's the College Bowl team, which I wasn't allowed to be on a couple of years ago, since they'd already picked the team, and still wouldn't let me on after I beat that team in a practice-game. And then there's Model Illinois Government, which is the old standby; because who can really say no to three days of government simulation and four nights of drinking and debauchery? I know I can't, but I'm really hoping for some debauchery this year, seeing how the other two times I went, all I got was the drinking.

Anyway, it's time to amble over to the bookstore and pay entirely too much for books that I'd really rather not have and will likely get pennies on the dollar for at the end of the semester. I'm telling you, if they don't have it used, I'm hitting an online bookstore. This school's not getting a dime from me for a new textbook.

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