Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I really don't have a lot of time for posting right now, let alone at all these days, given that I've gone and made the mistake of committing myself to several extracurricular groups and the fact that I've been playing entirely too much True Crime on my friend's Xbox... I'm a very bad cop... Anyway. All things considered, I'm just going to be brief, because I'm going to fall asleep in a couple of minutes:

While Lord of the Rings (I won't even bother with the title here, because it doesn't matter) was probably the most entertaining movie I saw last year, I still found even Seabiscuit to be better film, simply because it was at least emotionally compelling. I found Lord of the Rings to be a simple tale of warfare and hobbit man-love on the way to Mordor, and I cared about as much for the characters as I cared about the characters in Dreamcatcher; which is to say that I might as well have been shouting, "Kill them all, I don't give a shit."

True Crime is a terribly fun game, in that it's like Grand Theft Auto 3 with a story and an actual street-map of Los Angeles. Of course, True Crime places you in the role of police officer instead of Grand Theft Auto's criminal, but still leaves dealing with the criminal element to the player. For example, my friend Scott likes to do kung-fu on the bad guys to knock them unconscious and ultimately arrest them. Me, I don't even bother to get out of my car, preferring to shoot criminals as I drive past. While the game docks me karma points for every time I do this, I'd just like to argue that the criminals are not going to be out on bail anytime soon, nor are they going to be found innocent on any sort of technicality. And yet the game docks me points for doing this. After all, what good is a badge unless it's a license to kill?

Other than that, I've been watching quite a bit of my DVD's lately, particularly my Buffy and Angel box-sets. I have to try and watch Angel tomorrow night, because Fred (she's a chick, mind you) looks wicked-hot in her new blue and gold-looking pseudo-anime kind of look. I mean, she's no Eliza Dushku, but then who is?

Anyway. I'm tired, and I've got a trip to go on from Thursday through Sunday in which I'll be getting all of about three hours' worth of sleep, so I'm going to leave you with the following piece of graffiti, which I saw on a wall somewhere last year. The originator of this quote deserves medals and awards and honors of the highest caliber, and I think I'm going to start tacking it on my emails from now on:

'Fighting for freedom is like fucking for virginity.'

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