Friday, February 27, 2004

Don' Mess Wit' Da Jesus

There's a lot of talk about Anti-Semitism from people after seeing The Passion of the Christ, and it's no joke. There's a guy selling crosses, nails, et cetera in the lobby of the theater I usually go to. I couldn't believe it, either, I know.

After seeing this movie, I walk over to the guy and go, "Say, could I have a Star of David? Do you have any of those?" and he looks like I just hit him in the fuckin' head with a brick. So he asks why I'd want such a thing, and I said, "Well, see, Jesus was Jewish, and I went in as an atheist, and now I see that Jesus was a pretty cool guy, so I want to join whatever religion he was in," my rationale being it would make me cool with God by association; like being in Cub Scouts with the son of the richest guy in town.

After continuing this line of discussion for about another sixty seconds, it's pretty clear that he doesn't have any non-Christian religious items and he's already launched into his tactic of trying to convert me to Christianity, and I'm like, "Good luck with that, seeing how the son of God Himself was only able to get me to Judaism." After this comment, I turn around, and there's the lynch mob. Their apparent leader drawls to me, "Ah hear ya don't like Jayzus." After interpreting that, I responded that I think he was a really good guy, and we can learn a lot from his example, and he was Jewish.

Well, they didn't much like hearing that one, so I was forcibly removed from the lobby by a group of robe-wearing fundamentalists, who I think were recovering Krishnas.

All because I wanted to be more like Jesus.

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