Friday, May 26, 2006

Workin' for a Livin'

The only thing that came out this week that was remotely worth buying was the Huey Lewis & the News Greatest Hits album. This has left me sitting at home over the course of my two days off this week with little to do other than surf the internet and covet the black MacBook and sneer at its $1500 price tag. I mean, seriously, it's an awful week for a media addict, such as myself.

Def Leppard rolled out an album called Yeah! this week, and it's all cover songs from groups like Blondie, ELO, T. Rex, Sweet, Roxy Music... acts like that. And, if that does it for you, great, but I'm not going anywhere near a Def Leppard album that wasn't produced by Mutt Lange. Furthermore, Yeah! features a cover of "Rock On," which should have been the primary test for Yucca Mountain's ability to contain toxic shit when it was covered by soap opera actor Michael Damian about fifteen or twenty years ago, back when Coreys Haim and Feldman could headline movies that would achieve actual theatrical release.

I still haven't picked up a bunch of albums off of iTunes, such as a John Denver box-set that's inexplicably priced at $9.99, or Bryan Adams' Unplugged album for $5.99. There's a bunch of other stuff, too, of varying levels of quality and general acceptability, all of which I chalk up to the fact that this whole Huey Lewis thing this week has left me with a bizarre urge to pick up a bunch of 80's music, possibly to counter the fact that absolutely nothing worth buying came out on DVD this week (with apologies to World Wrestling Entertainment; I will not be buying Wrestlemania 22).

I have no closer for this post. Sure, I could talk about how the two Enron guys have been convicted, but that's just not any fun. And, I could go on a rampage about how the Justice department raided a Democratic congressman's office, but won't because, according to an Associated Press story, "the FBI said it had videotaped Jefferson last summer taking $100,000 in bribe money and that agents had found $90,000 of that cash stuffed in a freezer in his home."

The FBI has stated that there is apparently no need, as the investigation goes on, to freeze the assets of Congressman Jefferson, as he's already done so for them. Yeah, that's right, if this was the Apollo, they'd be yanking my ass offstage with that big hook for making a joke that bad.

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