Friday, September 19, 2003

So. This is it. It’s not pretty, but it’ll do, since I’m going for something more academic than stylish, anyway. And, by ‘academic,’ I mean I’m going for something less internal than my last webpage. Which I took down in a fit of jealous rage. Which brings me here.

Bio: My name is Tom, I’m twenty-five years old, and I’m not quite as much of a loser as Harry Knowles. Okay, I’m not nearly as much of a loser, but then again, I’m also not as popular with the fanboys. Which is probably a good thing. I work for a coffee chain which shall remain nameless and faceless for the time-being, and I spend my free time at bars and watching movies. It’s the watching movies part that’s important to this page, since that’s what the page is about. Okay, so I might occasionally step into the realm of television or music, but it’s essentially about movies. What do you expect from a guy whose earliest memory is watching Empire Strikes Back?

I don’t get out to the movies much, and it’s not due to excessive amounts of work, or even excessive amounts of drinking. It has mainly to do with the fact that Hollywood has been putting out excessive amounts of complete and utter crap for the last couple of years, and my non-contribution to the pockets of the filmmakers is about as close as I can get to civil disobedience; although I don’t think this really matters a great deal, since the lemmings line up in droves to plunge themselves over the edge into the plethora of adrenaline-driven, testosterone-laden, shoot-em-up bullshit that has consumed every summer since at least 1996.

And I think it’s a wonder that Jim Cameron and Ben Affleck and all of those gaffers and painters and concession-stand employees aren’t making a public service message to get (the few) people like me out of my house and into the theaters, because it’s people like me who will put Hollywood out of business. I’d consider being a movie pirate if I wasn’t sitting on a connection to the internet that’s … well, I’ll put it this way: If I started downloading a Star Wars movie off of the internet today, it would be done just in time to watch before the midnight premiere of the next one… eighteen months from now.

So, of course, that said, it’s more than likely that I’m going to end up writing about some classic movies, which does not necessarily mean “old,” since I loathe most movies from the pre-Rocky era. Not all of them. Just a majority. And it also doesn’t mean “Best Picture Winner” because I tend to get bored to hell while watching some of those.

Or I’ll end up writing about movies I hate, just because I can, or because I didn’t have any other ideas that day. Not that I’ve got the time to update this on a strictly daily basis. But, I figure that if this can keep me out of the bar a little bit more, then it’s probably worth my time. Not to mention the Blogger front-end is pretty nice. It’s no Gray Matter, but it’ll do.

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