Thursday, February 12, 2004

The Geek Continues His Tirade

So tomorrow I'm going to see about borrowing a couple of CD's worth of Final Fantasy music videos from one of the girls at school. I'm completely and utterly addicted to this stuff, and more than a little bit inspired. And I forgot my damn Final Fantasy X disc at my friend's house, so I'm not trying to rip it with that possibly-nifty program I downloaded yesterday.

In any case, I found a nice place that has about the same number of Final Fantasy music videos as are hosted through Fileplanet, and the quality's at least equal to that at Fileplanet, but they don't have any of the videos from the previous post (which, I say again, are damn cool). But, people like Justin don't much care for registering anyplace for the privilege of downloading, so I guess he's out those three videos. Also, Fileplanet's got ridiculously backed-up servers, resulting in thirty-minute waits around midnight (I think it was up to around sixty when I looked earlier), so that's a downside to it, too.

So, while I was looking around, I found a place, Void Media, that has all manner of cool Final Fantasy stuff, including of course a pretty damn robust Music Videos section. Now, again, you're not going to find Clocks there, but there's a totally awesome one (guaranteed to rock your fucking house) that uses the song 'All I Want' by the Offspring (or is it just plain Offspring? anyway...). It's like twenty-four megs, around two minutes in length and is an absolutely brilliant piece of editing. Today's very-honorable mention goes to a hundred and ten meg file called Ice Queen or something, and it's the only Final Fantasy X/X-2 video that I've seen that holds court with the FF8 videos I've been referencing in these posts.

So, hit those direct-links to the download site, and then poke around the Music Videos section for yourself and see if you can find something you like. If you don't have access to broadband, you're pretty well screwed like I generally am. Only reason I've had this much time to play on my friend's cable modem is because he just got a new PS2 game and isn't playing Massively Multiplayer games ten hours a day.

As a side-note, if you want to see some of the highlights of Final Fantasy cutscenes as they originally were (without popular music backing them up), you can hit the Full Motion Video section on Void-Central, and check those out. I just watched the three endscenes from Final Fantasy 8, and I think it'd probably be a lot more compelling and sensical if I'd actually seen any of the others. Oh well, it's still really damn good CGI, just in the sense of how much care was put into subtle facial expressions. It's funny that I was thinking, "These computer-generated characters are better at expressing emotion than most actors in Hollywood."

Okay. Other stuff I picked up on Fileplanet today: I got an Evangelion video that was put together fairly well to a Rob Zombie song. Having never seen Evangelion before, I was pretty impressed with it all and found the animation to be far more palatable than the Vampire Hunter D video I saw. Let me just say that D doesn't go with Radiohead all that well. But the highlight of the night was a Pokemon video done to a song called "Bitches" by Mindless Self Indulgence. The version I saw from Fileplanet was only 3 megs, but you can score the 20-meg version at Otaku Vengeance in the AMV's section; just don't forget to hit Next Page to get to the Pokemon video (direct link, but please check out Xianpower's website first). Trust me, "Bitches" is the best stress-reliever ever.

So, hopefully after you read this, you've had your house rocked and you've laughed your ass off at Pikachu. Whether you did or didn't, leave a comment, for the love of god. And, be honest; this is for posterity.

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