Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Post-Superbowl Stress Disorder

I didn't sleep last night. After the Superbowl, I pretty much loaded up Deus Ex: Invisible War on my friend's Xbox and proceeded to play it until around seven in the morning. I probably would've beat the game, except I was spending way too much time saving my game and then screwing around to see what limits the game puts on things. For example, going on principle and killing the characters who you really think deserve to die generally is rewarded with a firefight that you are probably not going to live through. But, I have to say, I never once got caught blowing up coffee-shop employees and patrons with land-mines in that game.

My friend Davy, who I'd hyperlink, but I don't have his webpage anywhere, helped me out on the font-size thing, so now everything's quite a bit more legible. Actually, the font's a couple of pixels bigger than I wanted, but since I really don't feel like forcing a window size on you (though I might somewhere down the road), I had to go with this size. But it's a lot better than the absurdly large font it had before.

The Superbowl, the Superbowl... I'm not going to comment on the game, or even the halftime show, because it's all been said already everywhere else. The commercials were pretty fucking lame this year. And this isn't just because Child's Pay wasn't one of them, but the commercials as a whole were just... there seemed to be no rivalry. After all, major corporations like Coca-Cola and Miller Brewing were completely unrepresented, possibly due to exclusivity contracts between Pepsi and Budweiser and CBS or something. In the end, the commercials were often nearly as racy as the halftime show, which featured not only a boob, but quite a few scantily-clad women during Kid Rock's set. ... and then I still went back to the Surreal Life marathon on WB.

One notable marketing trend is Budweiser's return to the Clydesdale horses as a marketing device. Now, I don't know about you, but after seeing the commercial in which the candle blows up in a lady's face thanks to one of those Clydesdales... yeah, it's a really funny commercial, but it makes me glad to be a Miller Lite drinker, because from now on, I'm going to associate Budweiser beer with Clydesdale-farts.

That I've been associating it for years with horse-piss is beside the point.

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