Thursday, April 29, 2004

Ah Hell, I Oughta Go Back To Quicktime

I just watched the movie Go, which I picked up at CompUSA for a whopping $6.99, a value I simply couldn't pass up. It was just sitting there as a nice little impulse-buy on the way to the checkout counter, next to a copy of Last Action Hero, to which I said, "Wow, Last Action Hero for $6.99!" and the checkout guy said, "Yeah, pretty good, huh?" and I said, "No, it's still overpriced by about seven bucks." But Go was a ton of fun (particularly the William Fichtner, Scott Wolf and Jay Mohn section), which is just another case in which I have to say my ex-girlfriend was right. Damn her.

Last I hear, Air America is off the air in Chicago after a bit of a billing problem, in that Air America has what appears to be no money, which is something I don't understand, seeing how Rush Limbaugh has no problem with money; or, if he did, he's probably saving a lot right now by not buying all those drugs. Oh, sorry, prescription drugs, as though that were to make it all okay. No, seriously, I don't understand why it is that O'Reilly, Hannity and Limbaugh don't have a problem finding a frequency with which to weasel their ways into my car or house, but when it comes to Chuck D and Al Franken, I have to sit and listen to them on the internet at school. And that's assuming they're pulling enough commercial revenue to keep that going for any extended period of time. Pisses me off.

Playmakers is on ESPN2 right now, marking one of the few occasions that I'll actually watch a sports network. And, if you've never seen the show, it's a drama about a fake football team in a fake NFL, which only ran for one season because the real NFL had a problem with football teams being portrayed as anything less than picture-perfect. And, of course, they're justified, because football teams might actually be like that. The NBA, on the other hand... Anyway, this show's like a male soap-opera with a better script than professional wrestling.

So my project got done, but it's a piece of crap at twenty minutes and change. The rough-cut clocked in at a shade over thirty-two minutes, and that's after cutting a couple of movies out. I ended up having to cut the sections involving Aliens, First Blood and one other movie I don't recall, in addition to cutting back on sections from all but one movie. And I really liked the First Blood scene, too, because it's really hysterical the way I cut it.

I think that for my next project I'm going to rip Tango & Cash in it's entirety and try to make a good movie out of it. Sure, I might have to re-dub some scenes, and probably reduce the total length to about forty-five minutes, but that'll only be slightly more challenging than the 'Pearl Harbor in two minutes' thing that I was toying with earlier. The only downside to all of this is the fact that working with high-quality Xvid AVI's really sucks for Premiere 6 to parse in real-time on my computer, and I'm pretty sure there's no way to do it with something like Motion-JPEG for cutting together the timeline and then just rendering the full-quality Xvid AVI files. Pity the new version of Premiere recommends a 3.04 GHz Pentium 4, which I just don't have.

Which means my next stop is a nice Macintosh running Final Cut Express. Actually, that's after I get a job. And, no, Mister Bush, instituting a military draft to support your silly war does not qualify as job creation.

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