Thursday, April 22, 2004

Not the Robert Downey Jr. and Mel Gibson Movie

So right now I'm at school, listening to Air America, which is currently running the O'Franken Factor. Arianna Huffington is on, and she doesn't sound quite as crazy as she did during the California recall, but... yeah, she's still a little nuts. I decided to start listening to Air America because I brought my headphones with me to school today so I can watch a DVD or two that I bought yesterday for that damn history project I detailed in the below post. Looking at the Air America site, I love the fact that Chuck D has his own show on Saturdays. I really have to get the radio fixed in my truck.

Ninety more dollars on DVD's yesterday, and now I'm done with it, thankfully. I'm not going to buy Courage Under Fire for a section of the report so insignificant as the Gulf War, when I figure showing about thirty seconds out of Three Kings ought to about do it. So I bought (deep breath) M*A*S*H, Guns of Navarone, Pork Chop Hill, Full Metal Jacket and three movies that were made during World War II that thankfully only cost $5.99. And I also bought First Blood on the excuse that it's representative of the way that some Vietnam veterans were treated... and it's easily the best of the Rambo films. Now that I think about it, though, I think that I'll have to include Rambo as an example of how the 1980's demonized the Vietnam war itself, but had absolutely no problem sending Stallone back into The 'Nam to rescue POW's and generally kick some ass.

I also got one of those cool new Google Gmail accounts. Unfortunately, this means that it's only a matter of time before it starts getting spam-bombed like every other email account I've ever had, which I'm not about to contribute to that by putting my email account up on the site.

I've been thinking lately about the concept of whether or not it's possible to be a professional activist for various causes, and everyone tells me that it is. Unfortunately, all of the causes that are worth fighting for need volunteers because they don't have nearly as much money as the causes that are worth fighting against. Seriously, when's the last time you watched a movie like Mr. Smith Goes To Washington or The American President and asked yourself, "Why don't people like this ever run for office? There have got to be people like this in this world, where are they?" Because they're not in Washington, and they're probably not in our state capitals.

Anyway. That's enough proselytizing. I'm going to listen to another couple of minutes of the O'Franken factor and then watch one of the World War II movies I bought; probably The Immortal Battalion, starring David Niven and the recently late Peter Ustinov. ... Recently late. How do you make it a point that a guy recently died? And why didn't I refer to David Niven as 'the late David Niven'? God, I have to get a life outside of movies and school, because when the two converge, it's getting really bad.

And one of these days I'll have to adjust my page template to include Liz's site, lest she remind me again, and then there's Complex Superior, and then there's Control-Alt-Delete, which is nearly as funny as Penny Arcade, but lacking in PA's incredibly brilliant usage of the word Fuck. There's more links, but I just can't think of them right now.

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