Tuesday, February 01, 2005

No Pressure Over Cappuccino

I went out to Hollywood Video last night and bought three movies for thirty bucks, which is always my favorite kind of sale, especially when the movies I got are all twenty bucks each at Tarzhay. I bought Saved!, which is sort of like watching Dogma, but thankfully without the Golgothan shit-demon. The Day After Tomorrow was neither as dumb as I'd expected it to be, nor was it as dumb as I'd been led to believe by people who saw it. It's light-years more intelligent than Independence Day, Godzilla, or The Patriot (which I liked a lot better back when it was called Braveheart), Roland Emmerich's previous two films, and we all know how much I hate scripts that are written deliberately for the lowest-common denominator (read: "mouth breathers") and never even try to be intelligent or make any sort of point. Finally, I picked up Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I haven't yet had time to get around to watching, but I'm sure it'll be quite good, since I haven't yet been disappointed by a movie written by Charlie Kaufman, though I didn't care that much for Being John Malkovich.

In celebrity news, it appears that Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth have split up. The news snippet over on the Internet Movie Database says that "Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth have blamed their love split on their increasingly heavy work schedules." Unfortunately, my sources say that information is false, and that the real reason for their breakup was they couldn't stop arguing over which one of them is prettier.

Well, the insane amounts of caffeine I ingested tonight is now crashing my system, so I'm going to bed. I think that I'll end up watching about three minutes of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind before I pass out. But first, I'm going to read about Apple flops (such as the "puck mouse"), because it's always nice to remember the old days when the company occasionally and inexplicably released overpriced, steaming mounds of crap disguised as Macs.

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