Monday, June 06, 2005

Someday I'll Be Saturday Night

I've found that my writing has been lacking, of late. And, I don't mean that exclusively in the sense that I haven't been updating much. My writing has absolutely gone to hell in terms of quality, and I spent a good week trying to figure out why that is. I figured out, a night or two ago, that I've lost my muse. Auditions will be held this Thursday from 2-7 PM.

See, there's this necessity that I have to be able to delude myself into thinking that I've got some kind of chance with a girl, if I could just come up with one thing that's so completely, utterly, insanely stunning that she would swoon (and I would, of course, have to heroically catch her) and be mine. Yes, it's merely an updated version of the caveman clubbing a woman and dragging her back to his cave, although I think the caveman's method is a lot less tricky.

It's like having a light at the end of the tunnel; that there's only one person in the entire world that you have to impress, beyond all others, and I don't have that anymore. Lord knows it's a rare occasion that my writing impresses myself. So this is just a token post to let my three readers know why it is that I haven't been posting, because anything less than exceptional is a waste of my time.

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