Saturday, April 22, 2006

Combat Drop

Still alive, but there's really not a great deal to talk about. This week I bought the score to Aliens, my Avengers DVD-ROM still hasn't shipped, and nothing came out on DVD this week that was worth buying. "What about Hostel?" you ask? Get the hell out of here, I don't know you!

The band's playing at the Venice Tavern tonight (Saturday), and then next Saturday at the Tiger Club. Both should be a good time, but I really have to get to the Venice Tavern earlier, because it took me a couple of hours to get a seat the last time. If you're in the Aurora metropolitan area, you should really go.

I've also gone back to playing World of Warcraft on a semi-regular basis, focusing primarily on my priest, Father Karras. Yes, it's an Exorcist joke, but it's not nearly as clever as naming my Tauren druid Cowardly, or my Tauren warrior Cowasaki. Cowasaki, I think, is the best World of Warcraft name ever; it's just a pity I fucking hate playing warriors. I also started a warlock, but really haven't found myself that enthralled with it yet. Maybe I just don't like playing squishies.

I just took an air compressor to my friend's computer, eliciting a massive gray cloud as soon as I hit the CPU. And he wonders why his system was seizing while playing World of Warcraft. It's bad enough that he runs his rig with the case open and has something like four cats. Thankfully, that's mitigated by the fact that the only cat that ever comes downstairs anymore is Yokozuna, the fattest cat I've ever personally seen.

The big electronics boat reset at Tarzhay is supposed to happen next week, and I'm really hoping that we start carrying the Nikon D50 digital-SLR camera, so I can give people an honest answer when they ask me what kind of camera they should get. I'm still considering getting a Canon Digital Rebel XT, but I'd almost rather take that eight-hundred bucks and throw it toward getting a dual-core laptop later in the year. To think that I've had this laptop for about six months, and I'm already considering replacing it. Damn you, cult of Apple! Damn you and your ever-improving technology! ... Now, if they can just make it in black, I'll be really happy.

Final Fantasy: Advent Children is still coming out on Tuesday, and all of the guys in the electronics section at work are very excited. Most of us have seen it already, having watched the release date slip time and again, ultimately resorting to downloading copies of it from the internet. My copy is astoundingly good, but it takes up a couple of gigabytes of storage on my laptop that I'd really like to have back. It's the most phenomenally badass movie I've ever seen in my life, though. Maybe I'll watch Appleseed later and some other anime tomorrow (probably Ghost in the Shell 2) just to start preparing for its release.

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