Monday, April 03, 2006

The First Cut is the Deepest

I've had a really rough last couple of days, so I don't have any funny to spare anyone, outside of my little instant-messenger club. I've been watching Grey's Anatomy for the last couple of days, and I find myself looking up medical terminology like 'central venous catheter' and 'Seldinger technique' on Wikipedia. This is yet another category of Wikipedia that I'd never previously tapped into.

Because of the degree of severity with which life has slapped me around this week, I have found it necessary to spend money, and so my PC should be finished downloading the Pretenders' Pirate Radio box set (fifty bucks from iTunes), and I placed my order for the 40 Years of Avengers DVD-ROM from Tales of Wonder. Hopefully that ships soon, since it's been delayed a couple of times already. I'm still hoping that, sometime in the next couple of weeks (though it'll probably be more than that), Tarzhay starts stocking the Nikon D50 digital SLR, because I really want one.

This week, I've met people that range from terribly interesting to deserving to be knocked da' fuck out, and I've seen things that I simply don't understand in the least, and I've seen on a television screen what is the single coolest thing that I have ever seen in my life. I've lied to members of my family, or at least gave them the Soviet version of the truth.

I've myself contemplating the forces of the universe, ultimately waxing poetic on the nature of lightning, and I don't understand how I hadn't done so prior. I've found King Kong to be one of the best movies I've ever seen in my entire life. Twelve-minute doses of Robot Chicken can get you through most bad days. Chrissie Hynde is the only person in the world who can do a cover of any song in recorded history and make it better than the original. The random article link on Wikipedia is the doorway behind which the secrets of the universe are kept.

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