Tuesday, September 04, 2007

River Road

Well, I'm just about to leave on the Great American Road Trip. No, I'm not going to be seeing all of America, but I'm going to be seeing the most important part of it; the part that isn't made up of tourist destinations and travel resorts. No national parks, no Disneyplaces, just America. Yes, I'm going alone, now stop looking at me like that. I've got 23 hours of music on the iPod, more on my laptop, and so I'll be going out Elizabethtown-style to put together a truly American soundtrack.

Of course, I'll be hitting the Apple Store sometime while I'm in America. I can't be expected to leave civilization entirely behind, now, can I? Anyway, with any luck, I'll let you all know how things are going from out on the road, just as soon as I can find free internet access.

AIM: therbmcc71

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Kristen said...

Yeah, so it's by Tom Wolfe. I am Charlotte Simmons. Too late :). Too bad. Totally up your alley.