Sunday, July 11, 2004

I'm Busy and Full of Excuses

I'm single again, so one would think that would mean that I have more time to type up posts, but I'm going to claim writer's block for the time-being. That, and the fact that I'm posting like a madman on the boards over at Fubar. Just about an hour ago, I found to my joy that I'm moderating the Comics forum over there, which should result in considerably less banning than would occur if I were chairing the Politics forum.

Oh, I know what I can write about. A lot of people hit my site looking for instructions on how to get videos ripped from Final Fantasy X. Maybe I'll do a tutorial. It's not that hard, and realistically should only require a paragraph, which I can't do right now, since I have to find my copy of the game.

I find it vaguely humorous that I can't come up with anything remotely entertaining to put on my own blog, but have no problem contributing to the discussions in the Music, Computers, Videogames, Movies, Politics and (now) Comics forums over at Fubar. In fact, I spent the last hour typing up my introduction and welcome-notice, and it clocked in at a whopping 1,181 words, and that was basically just my history of reading comic books and various comments that I had along the way.

Maybe my father should take me to Wrigley Field next month for the Dodgers game. I'll come up with another great post about baseball. In any case, I'll come up with something soon enough, since I haven't yet gone and said anything here about Spider-Man 2 for the Xbox, though we all know that anytime I say that I'm eventually going to talk about something means that I'm never going to talk about it. So maybe I should go back to the beginning of my blog and find all of those things and write about them. It's not as though I have a great number of things to do of late, other than talk on Fubar. But, of course, you probably know that, since I'd estimate that a good seventy or so percent of my hits come from there.

And none of you bastards leave comments! What the hell is your problem, anyway?

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