Thursday, July 29, 2004

Upcoming Post Fairly Soon, I Swear

Upcoming Post Fairly Soon, I Swear

I'm about to go over to my friend's house for a cigarette before I go out for a bit. I'll probably end up back at his house later for the purpose of using his broadband connection to listen to the Democratic National Convention speeches that I missed. I'm still upset that I missed Bubba's speech, but I read it yesterday, along with Barack Obama's speech ... and I'm fucking pissed that I missed that one.

Anyway, I've got a post from the first day of the convention already written down in a notebook, and I think I'm going to write up some commentaries on the rest of the convention, whenever it is that I get a chance to listen to the highlights. Not the five-second highlights that they give you on the news, mind you, because the nightly news (or even the newspapers) here in Chicago would make you believe that Barack Obama's speech was only good in two or three places. It was really, really good; that's all I'm going to say for now.

Just for your geeky non-political news (which you're going to be seeing less and less of over the next four months), Gamespy has done a list of the Top 10 Box Arts to go with the 10 Worst Box Arts *cough*Mega Man*cough!* article a couple of months ago.

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