Friday, January 13, 2006

No One Lives Forever

Oingo Boingo always seems to have a good and fitting title for a blog post; fitting today because my favorite Second City teacher, Jim Zulevic, died on Monday at the age of 40. If you live in the Chicago area, you might recognize him as the red-shirted guy who did the promos between episodes of The Simpsons and Seinfeld. And now he's dead. Seems to be a lot of that going around.

Anyway, I managed to probably gross out a large number... well, no, certainly not a large number, because I only get like twenty hits a day, but I probably managed to freak out a couple of people with my coverage of the AVN Awards, and I haven't managed to get a single comment since the fourth of January, which I don't even count because it's my brother commenting.

And you RSS reader people ought to break out a fucking browser once in a while, because you're not tripping my counters, and are therefore injuring my ego by not announcing yourselves. I swear to god, one of these days I'm just going to drop the whole RSS feed from this site, because you people just enjoy being stealthy.

Which gets me back to a point I made during the Deep Purple post about two weeks back: Artists need validation, and without validation they won't continue with their art, or they won't want to share it with others. It's like I said in my away message: I got better things to do than write for people who aren't even going to fucking read it.

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