Saturday, November 18, 2006

Everybody's Workin' for the Wiikend

Preface: I still hate Blogger's lack of support for Safari (the official Mac web browser, for you poor, unwashed Windows users), which forces me to use Firefox. Not cool.

So it's a little after ten o'clock right now, and there's about fifteen or twenty people camping out in front of my store, waiting for the Wii tomorrow morning. I'd include pictures, but I lack a digital camera, so you'll just have to take my word for the descriptions that follow:

There's a significant difference between the people waiting for the Wii and the ones who camped out for the PS3:
  • The Wii people are more unkempt after two hours than the PS3 people were after two days. Seriously. After two days, the PS3 people looked like they needed showers, but at least they were well-dressed. The Wii people are, by and large, sweatshirts and pajama pants. I think this may be their normal wardrobe for the outside world.
  • They set up a fire. That ended real fuckin' quick. Then they bitched when management told them to put it out, as though the words 'fire hazard' had no meaning to them.
  • They're fat. No, seriously, hear me out. The PlayStation 3 people looked like the sorts of people who lead active lives, with the exception of the forty-eight hours they camped out to get one. The Nintendo people look like theLinky need to stop going to McDonalds and play some Dance Dance Revolution. On the upside, at least the Wii essentially requires some physical movement from its users beyond sitting on a couch moving their thumbs. These people need to burn some calories, anyway.
I just watched one of my friends play the Superman Returns demo for the Xbox 360, and it's nice and pretty and all, but I'm pretty sure I still prefer Spider-Man 2 on the original Xbox, where I can be the King of Swing, as I like to put it. Also, it's pretty nice being able to swing through a generally accurate map of Manhattan.

Speaking of Spider-Man, if anyone wants to get me something for my birthday, feel free to get me the 43 Years of Amazing Spider-Man DVD-ROM, containing every issue of Amazing from its inception to earlier this year. I've already got the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Uncanny X-Men discs, and they're quite phenomenal, as I've alluded to before, in a post that I won't go digging for, but they're quite good.

Now my friend's playing Raw vs. Smackdown 2007, or whatever it's called; the new wrestling game, as I prefer to call it, since I've no intention of playing it at any point, since I don't think any of these games have improved since the WCW Nitro game for the Nintendo 64. However, between the weekly shows, apparently the player has to put together the docket for the weekly show, including various matchups and promotions, be they advertising or spots for upcoming pay-per-views and such. This would be generally interesting if it was a "tycoon" type of game unto itself, but the rest of the game looks pretty retarded.

I found out after about twenty-seven hours that Final Fantasy XII just isn't any fun. It's a good game, as Japanese-style RPG's go, and the story's generally compelling, but it's not any fun. By comparison, Final Fantasy X-2 was a joke by comparison to the other games in the series, but it was almost all fun, and I think it spoiled me. This is sort of like how, with the exception of the boss-fights, Spider-Man 2 is one of the most insanely fun games ever. Like I said: King of Swing.

My friend was all upset because I told him Red Steel would never be played on my Wii. Ever. He's not so terribly upset about this, since I informed him that the game got a 5.5 (out of ten) from Gamespot. The new Zelda, on the other hand, is getting insanely good reviews from pretty much every outlet, registering (currently) a 96.6% on Game Rankings, which is even better than the score for Gears of War, which I decided I hated after about ten minutes. Even Wii Sports is getting substantially better scores than Red Steel, and Wii Sports is a fucking pack-in. There's just no excuse for any game to be worse than a pack-in, unless that pack-in is a Mario game. This would not necessarily be true if Luigi's Mansion had been a pack-in for the Gamecube, but the Cube lacked a pack-in, just like every system of that generation.

The PlayStation 3, getting back to that, probably had next to no games sold for it on its launch day, as many people probably learned from last year, where the Xbox 360 went on eBay for thousands of dollars. This year, it seems to be slightly different, where the market, only two days after launch, is already beginning to equalize, and not at the multi-thousand dollar values everyone was thinking it would.

It seems that the legitimately high valuations on PS3's seems to be floating around a thousand dollars, and they're starting to go for even less than that. I looked at one auction that just closed for four thousand dollars, but the bidding was really suspect, since one guy bid $3,999.00 several times over the course of several hours, only to retract the bids. Then, just prior to the auction's close, someone else bid $4,000.00 for the unit. None of these people have any feedback, which kicks my bullshit detector into overdrive.

However, another auction that should be finishing within the next couple of minutes is currently at $1,111.00. The one behind it is around $1,300. One that starts at $2,500, which is coincidentally the "buy it now" price, has no bids, and it's closing in ten minutes. The get-rich-quick notion of waiting in line for two or more days to get a PS3 seems to be totally mistaken, and the people who took days off of work to wait in line probably could have made more by actually going to work. The market got saturated almost immediately, and so the system now only commands a premium of a few hundred dollars, which is going to shock a lot of would-be sellers.

And I have to laugh at them, because it's a fucking videogame system (apologies to Sony and their silly Blu-Ray idea, which hopefully just won't pan out). I don't have a high-def TV, and I don't see that well anyway, so what the hell do I need a PS3 or Xbox 360 for? I want my Wii, and I want it now, but I'm just going to have to wait another seven and a half hours.

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