Saturday, May 15, 2004

Pisses Me Off To No End

Haven't yet been able to find a copy of Invader Zim after two days of searching. Nor did I find the second box of Robotech. Sadly, I must put both of them off until after I've gotten a job, because I took advantage of the 3 for $25 DVD-sale at Hollywood, which is mathematically even better than the 2 for $20 that I thought was the end-all/be-all of DVD sales.

So, I bought Lost in Translation, Matchstick Men and Underworld, which I'll no doubt be reviewing for this site fairly soon, since I just watched it for the first time and thought, "Golly... I haven't thought that poorly of a film since Dungeons & Dragons." That is, of course, after I got past my initial stage of, "This movie is very blue," which lasted about fifteen minutes. Even Kate Beckinsdale wearing tight leather couldn't save the movie. So, I'll talk about that one later, because the bad ones are always so much more fun.

And then I'll have to reprint the "lichens" conversation for that, too.

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