Friday, May 07, 2004

Written While Listening to Nada Surf, The Cult and the Pretty In Pink Soundtrack

Preamble: I refer to women as "chicks" a lot in this post. Don't be offended, it's just very late.

Maybe if I keep mentioning City/Shitty of Heroes near the top of my posts, I eventually will cover it in some sort of depth. Unfortunately, I was so ... is there an antonym for 'dazzled'? Anyway, I tried playing City of Heroes at my friend's house for about two hours, and came to the conclusion that it was mindless superhero crap, not seen in such degrees since Rob Liefeld's Image books, notably Youngblood, Brigade, Bloodstrike and even Supreme (until Alan Moore started writing it). Ooh, that reminds me of how much I need a job, because I really want to pick up Midnight Nation by J. Michael Straczynski. And a couple of the Daredevil books. And then there's Alias, which is certainly not to be confused with the television series of the same name. Then there are the Terry Moore Strangers In Paradise books, because it's really one of the better independent books out there.

*the geekiness continues, but moves into a more acceptable medium*

So, I've been missing all kinds of television this week. Tonight it was the Friends finale, even though I haven't watched the show since about 1998. Last night it was the third to the last episode of Angel, which makes it the ... penultimate-squared episode? Which is a shame, anyway, because can I just say that Fred (she's a chick, in the very likely case you don't watch the show) looks wicked sexy as Illyria. But, then again, what woman doesn't look hot with blue hair? ... Yeah, that's an overgeneralization, because it just sounded weird, since a lot of old people have blue hair. *shudder* All we can basically get out of this is the fact that I watched too much anime as a kid. Green hair (actual green, not the swimming pool variety, mind you) is even better, because Miriya Sterling and Nova Satori were probably the two hottest chicks on Robotech. ... and now I've gone to labelling cartoons as being hot. Great. I have now officially lost it and have become some kind of cartoon-watching sexual deviant.

Funny thing I just found, while looking for a example of Illyria to show everyone, so as to back up my point about hot chicks with blue hair: The WB has downloadable life-size posters of various members of the Angel cast (linked to the Amy Acker poster).

*begins taking bets as to whether his ex-girlfriend has the James Marsters life-size poster, either on her wall or ceiling*

This reminds me of an offer that Microsoft is trying in Japan, by selling the Xbox with a Dead Or Alive dakimakura. What is a dakimakura, you might ask, if you failed to check out that hyperlink. It's a life-size Japanese "hugging pillow," which essentially makes it the next best thing to a Dead Or Alive inflatable doll. And, if you don't know anything about the Dead Or Alive series, at least read up on the DoA Xtreme Beach Volleyball game, with a complex physics engine that was built just to govern boobie-physics. You'd have to see it to believe it.

*feels that this post has been eclectic enough and plugs today's music selection by Nada Surf, The Cult and ... nah, I'm not going to plug that soundtrack, because if you really liked it, you'd own it by now* And, if you want to buy either of these albums, be sure to shop around, because Amazon's not exactly the best with music prices.

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