Thursday, May 13, 2004

Post Update!

From the Amazon review of Volume 2 of the Robotech Remastered set:
The remastering for this edition was apparently limited to the soundtrack. The laser blasts, gun fire, and explosions have added presence, and viewers can follow the sounds of screeching air ships and stomping mechaacross the screen. Unfortunately, Minmei's singing is also louder and clearer.

Aha! Mine wasn't the only house! Also, the third volume of this set won't be out until next week, which pits it against Buffy Season 6. Given that I haven't even bought Angel Season 3 yet, let alone Firefly, I think that Buffy can wait. Besides, if someone says the words, "Once more with feeling," I think of Kentucky Fried Movie before Buffy. "Twy it again, but this time with feeee-wing...."

Time go out and get Invader Zim! Doom doom doom doom doom doom!!!! Which is good, because I'm having massive problems with getting Blogger to do anything. Stupid, stupid makeover. Ooh, ahh... It looks pretty.... but it's fucking BROKEN! Bastards.

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