Thursday, September 02, 2004

Nothing Corporate

Alright, welcome to one of the last sites on earth to not open with a EULA. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Fubar is now corporately owned, probably along with a bit of my soul, given the work I've done there. But we'll get back to that after the sixth, when the Regs Test is finally over. Note to self: Copy all of my major Fubar materials over to this site.

It'll be like Christmas, I swear. Y'all will love it.

Anyway! Remember the link from a couple of days ago? Well, I've got the last two parts! Woohoo! So that makes this like Halloween! Here we go again with Spider-Man Reviews Crayons!
I'll be back later with some other stuff that I wrote. It'll be like stepping into the Time Tunnel and going back a couple of years to the old days when men were men and Affleck was still with J-Lo. It'll be a trip, I swear.

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