Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Quickie Link

I've got a post back home, but I'm going to bed the second that I get home, which will be shortly. But I digress. Fubar is down at the moment, no doubt due to the Psycho Bitch movie, or whatever it's called, so I'm actually posting something on my own page. It's a rarity, I know; but not everyone who reads this site is coming from Fubar, and I'm sure that not everyone who hits this site from Fubar is actually reading the site, largely because they probably think that there are pictures and/or movies of scantily-clad women. See the title of the page, if you're in that group. That's right, move along, move along...

Anyway. Today's link of the day is nothing short of absolutely hysterical, and it's only slightly more bizarre than last month's Onion article by the Incredible Hulk. In any case, I present you with Spider-Man Reviews Crayons! I know, right? Where the hell do I find this shit?

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